Updates from CB9, Richardson and Hamilton

We spoke with Ms. Mia Hilton of Community Board 9 office (tel: 718-778-9279 today . The Chairman of the Community Board Musa Moore received our letter and should be sending a response this week.

A representative of the board intends to attend the postal service’s bi-monthly Customer Advisory Council (CAC) meeting, which is for the Chairpersons of the Community Boards for Brooklyn.

According to John Venable, Customer Relations Coordinator in the Office of the Brooklyn Postmaster ( 718-348-3341):

All Community boards are notified of the upcoming scheduled meetings. We encourage all Community Board Chairperson to be in attendance to inform the Postal Service of any issues or concerns their constituents in the community may have.

At best, at this forum our Local Management staff is afforded the opportunity to address and resolve the needs of the community as well as inform the Community Bd. Chairperson’s of possible issues that can be address by the community that may impede on service to our customers. e.g. broken mail boxes, small mail slots, etc.

We’ve received noncommital responses from Richardson’s office and Hamilton’s office.

We’ve received no response from the post office to date or any representative of the US Postal Service to date.