Meeting with Tom McMenamy, President of APWU Local

On June 16, 2018 we met with Tom McMenamy the president of APWU Local 251 to explore how we could improve Davis Post Office. Here are the high-level notes from that discussion as well as planned next steps.


Tom visited the post office the Tuesday before and noted many of the issues we observed around cleanliness and efficiency.

He would like to see the following steps carried out at the post office in the next three months:

  • window glass cleaned and/or replaced
  • lobby cleaned regularly
  • post office floor cleaned and waxed

In order to realize the post office will need to hire a custodian. This person will also look into raising the rollgates and keeping the exterior of the post office clean.

The post office should have a lobby director but on his visit, Tom did not observe one present and is not sure this role is filled at Davis.

Postal workers do receive sensitivity training. Unfortunately in some cases, it doesn’t seem to be effective.

The post office will be rolling out real-time package tracking like UPS and FedEx have. We were not certain this would resolve the package pickup issues but some postal workers are hopeful. The people that deliver packages are in a different union and out of scope for this discussion unfortunately.

As a union rep, he could not support the idea of adding postage machines but is in favor of adding more staff to carry out small tasks.

The post office is looking for community support to reintroduce postal banking and postal workers in general need community support since the institution is under attack.


  1. Tom will email notes from our conversation to Representatives Yvette Clarke and Hakeem Jeffries who have already been talking to the US Postmaster General about issues throughout Brooklyn.
  2. If you experience rudeness from a particular clerk, you should be able to get their name from their tag. You can email us if you want to pass along your experience/complaint.
  3. Complaints can also be made to the Brooklyn Postmaster Scott Farrar 1050 Forbell Street Brooklyn, NY 11256