Update from Congresswoman Yvette Clarke’s Office

(A kind neighbor forwarded this message from Congresswoman Yvette Clarke along last month! )

Our office has continued our efforts to address the United States Postal Service Issues within the District. As per our conversation towards the James E. Davis Station gates, Congresswoman Clarke has been working closely with USPS senior personnel to make sure our constituents concerns about the gates at the station are heard and taken into consideration. The Congresswoman has been working and recently lead the entire New York City Congressional Delegation in Brooklyn and in Washington D.C. to address the various Postal issues.

As of today I can provide you with a bit of update.

Last week at a congressional briefing to USPS Tri-borough Managers, I personally added my concern about the gates, also last month our District Director and I meet with Senior Staffers from the United States Postal Station and again we asked for maintenance to look into replacing and fixing those gates as soon as possible. Our office was assured that various USPS maintenance personal will look into the James E. Davis gates issue and address the issue. Our office has also called upon the USPS to look into maintenance capital for all USPS Stations in need of repairs in the District to receive some type of building facelift and upkeep.

We hope to hear a positive response from the United States Postal Service on the James E. Davis station in the coming weeks and months. I will continue to follow up with USPS personnel on this issue and I can assure you that Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke will continue to keep this on our agenda until some type of action is delivered.

I have also cc’d my District Director, Anita Taylor and Lovelie Tejada for their review.

Best Regard’s,


District Representative

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