ANEW Meeting Format

ANEW Meeting Format

Hi, my name is _______, I live at _____ Empire, and I welcome you to the Assembled Neighbors of Empire West meeting. Assembled Neighbors of Empire West is an association for neighborhood empowerment in Brooklyn, New York City. As a group, we meet monthly to identify, understand, and address our mutual problems and cooperate to achieve our common goals.
The only requirement for membership is that you are a resident of Empire West, defined as Empire Boulevard between New York Avenue and Flatbush Avenue. While this group is for members, anyone interested in what we are doing is welcome to attend.
For anyone who is new to the space, we have food and drinks (indicate where they are) and the restroom is (indicate where it is).

We will now go around the room and each share our names, our building numbers, and one or two things we’d like to see happen on Empire.
If you don’t live on Empire, please just briefly state your name and what brought you to the meeting today.

Meeting Guidelines

The structure of this meeting is opening and introductions, which we just did, followed by a reading of this meeting’s agenda, a reading of the previous meeting’s minutes, reportbacks from any committees, a discussion of any old issues, discussion of any new issues, announcements, and closing. The meeting will run for no longer than 90 minutes and we will break for announcements after 60 minutes, if the meeting runs that long.

While all are welcome to attend, only members (meaning people who live on Empire between Flatbush and New York) are able to put forth and vote on proposals for the group.

Can I ask someone to keep time and let us know when we’ve reached an hour and when we’ve reached 90 minutes?

Can I ask someone to serve as secretary? Reading through last month’s minutes and taking this meeting’s minutes? (Loan them the laptop)

Please note that in this group we amplify the voices of black and brown people, especially those who may struggle with English or need translation help. We gently request that everyone speak personally, and keep an open mind as you speak and as you listen. We also ask that all refrain from interrupting, judging, or challenging people directly.
Remember, many people — especially women and people of color — may have had few chances to speak freely without being interrupted, teased, or challenged by a family member, a partner, or another person in authority.

Reading Through the Agenda
This meeting’s agenda is (read the agenda). Does anyone have anything else to add?

Previous Meeting’s Minutes
Can I ask the secretary to read through the minutes from the last meeting?

(Ask if there are any report backs)

Old Business
Is there any old business to cover?

New Business
Go through the set agenda. Once covered, if there is time (there probably won’t be), you can ask if anyone has anything else?

Does anyone have any personal or community announcements to share?


In closing, I’d like to say that working with other neighbors is not always easy, but as we continue to grow in this organization, the hope is that we will grow comfortable turning to each other with any concerns or disagreements. Problems can be solved when we communicate in good faith.

Thank you to our hosts, our timekeeper, and our secretary.

Thanks also to all of you for attending and being good neighbors. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to me or any of the other organizers (identify who they are) afterwards.

See you around the neighborhood!