March 2018 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Obden, Chelsea, Leo, Derrick from Sen. Hamilton’s office, and Sen. Hamilton.

Obden read the minutes and meeting format.
Sen. Hamilton talked about his work with the DOE and Black History education, Raise the Age, and mental health legislation. He urged ANEW to use our elected officials as a resource for things we want to do. He suggested that we plan 90 days out for events and actions and, regarding the post office, to contact the postal workers union if they have one.
Chelsea read Camille’s suggestions for the post office action and everyone was in agreement, though we talked about possibly finding a date farther out – not necessarily because folks weren’t available but that we might get more people involved that way.
Obden let us know about the Crown Heights Tenants Union meeting/action on April 7 at 3pm. Sen. Hamilton said it was important to identify the bad landlords. He also explained what preferential rent was Рcharging new residents below market rent and then jacking their rent WAY up to the market price. Obden also mentioned Picture the Homeless and that there are 240k vacant homes in NYC.