January 27, 2018 ANEW Meeting Minutes

Present: Channing from Rogers, Chelsea, Camille, Leo

Introductions/ Immediate Concerns:

  • Traffic/dangerous on Rogers
  • Post office/postal service
  • meeting neighbors, mutual support among neighbors

Report Backs

Post Office/ possible demands

We followed up with Senator Jesse Hamilton’s office and District Leader Geoffrey Davis. It seems the post office requires us to go through the community board to lodge complaints. There is no forum to go direct. We should work with other community groups to identify and push the issues.

  • Fix the gates
  • Remove the bike
  • Get a stamp machine
  • Accountable person / accountability mechanism

Attended this meeting on Wednesday. It is a small group but very receptive to what we are trying to do.

    • Healthcare Forum – they are going to sponsor a forum on single-payer healthcare. will pass along any other info we get on this.
    • Immigration Forum – they are looking for someone to help organize. Chelsea is interested to know more.
    • Lefferts Street Block Association meeting – Channing may be able to attend next Thursday

Lefferts Community Food Coop

  • They’ve started a committee to explore two-tiered pricing or multi-stakeholder coop
    • The other day, Chelsea couldn’t sell an onion to a poor, sweet, old lady because she wasn’t a member.

258 Empire

  • researching the space. We know that a few years back the steelpan folks were using it. Is it still available. It’d be nice to have a community/gardening space there but we need to identify the owners .

Citizens Committee grant

  • We submitted the application, we’ll see what happens. No big deal.

Old Business

Mutual aid – Leo

  • There are a lot of people on Empire. Do we know each other? Do we have relationships that make us feel invested in helping each other?
  • Big physical board. Post needs and people can respond.
  • Channing can teach ESL
  • Borrowing sugar, hyper local sharing
  • PLG Facebook group is more commercial, people looking for vendor recommendations
  • We like the idea of a big cork board, we can rotate volunteering to keep it clean, look after it, stick up things
  • Ideas for locations: near the subway, by the post office
  • Trailhead board with overhang for the rain
  • Seeing what happens, getting engagement is more important than policing content; hate speech or abusive content;

Motion to create a neighborhood sharing board. – PASSES

New Business

Gardening or other beautification effort?

  • This could happen in tandem with the big board effort

Post office committee

  • This is a neighborhood-wide issue. No one is unaffected by this.
  • Chelsea will put it up on Facebook in terms of solid asks.
  • Chelsea is happy to talk to the other block associations
  • Post Office Chill / Not A “Protest” A “Provide”
  • We should canvas – on a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your post office service (raise this with people?)


Tomorrow (28 January 2018) they are holding a People’s State of the Union gathering at the Center for Sacred Activism at 4pm (269 Empire). All are welcome!

Our next meeting is February 24, 2018 from 3-5PM at 269 Empire. Spread the word!