ANEW: Assembled Neighbors of Empire West is an association for neighborhood empowerment in Brooklyn, New York City. The only requirement for membership is that you are a resident of Empire West, defined as Empire Boulevard between New York Avenue and Flatbush Avenue.

As a group, we meet monthly to identify, understand, and address our mutual problems and achieve achieve our common goals.

“…we’re trying to get ourselves organized in such a way that we can become inseparably involved in an action program that will meet the needs, desires, likes or dislikes of everyone that’s involved. And we want you involved in it…We are attempting to make this organization one in which any serious-minded resident can actively participate, and we welcome your suggestions at these membership meetings…We want your suggestions; we don’t in any way claim to have the answers to everything, but we do feel all of us combined can come up with an answer… With all of the combined suggestions and the combined talent and know-how, we do believe that we can devise a program that will shake the world.” – Malcolm X
Assembly Meetings 
Meeting Format:
state your name
your building number
and one thing you’d like to see happen on Empire
People who don’t speak English and then elderly people should speak first.
Women of color to the front in leadership.
We must serve a hot meal.
No abuse or harassment accepted but people should otherwise speak as freely as possible.
No child/eldercare = no meeting
What is quorom?
one Kreyol translator
one Spanish translator
at least 51% black people
at least 10 people?
ANEW meets monthly
Takes collection for materials, childcare, food
Reports on finances
Open to all who live in our area
Will incorporate and open bank account with transparent financial info
Possible committees
1)Translation (simultaneous and print)
2) Care
Elder care
Other family care
3) Navigation
Helping navigate city/state services
4) Capacity
Figuring out how/where we can build up our own alternative services or partner with other assemblies on this. Perhaps working towards Confederated Neighborhood Assemblies of Prospect Park East (Eastern Parkway to Parkside/Flatbush to New York)?
Finding space.
campaign working groups
5) Treasury
6) Education
7) Design
Design digital and non-digital communications. Posters announcing the next meeting.
8) Communications
Type up meeting minutes and circulate. Maintain independent digital and non-digital community forum. Community newsletter. community radio
9) Hospitality
Provide/source food for the events
10) IT
Set up digital and non-digital infrastructure.
11) Facilities
Physically setting up and breaking down all ANEW events. sourcing and setting up chairs, food tables, sound equipment.
12) Defense
13) Fundraising
Getting more money for the assembly
14) Public Relations
Dealing with the media and any other non-govt/political outside group.
How to Coordinate:
NEWACC – Neighborhood of Empire West Assembly Coordinating Committee
Must be at least 50% women
Must be at least 60-70% black
We need Kreyol and Spanish speakers and ultimately a translation committee
CC should be 10 members or so; Quorum is 7,
ACC decisions are binding only to ACC
Assembly decides for assembly
ACC self-appointed to start and later voted on (after a year?)
ACC commits to study AND meetings
ACC is a body directly accountable to the Assembly, serve at its will, and all members are subject to immediate recall by the Assembly (meaning that they can be replaced, with due process, at any time).
The primary function of ACC is to facilitate the work and continued education of the Committees and the Working Groups. Which includes, ensuring that the Committees and Working Groups regularly meet, or meet as often as is deemed necessary; ensuring that each body has as a facilitator, an agenda, and note takers (if not provided by the Committee or Working Group itself); facilitating communication between Committees and Working Groups; ensuring that all of the actions of the Committee and Working Groups are communicated thoroughly to the Assembly; and coordinating the logistics for the Assembly gatherings. ACC however has no power to recall or install committee heads. They can merely recommend to the Assembly. The ACC is the vanguard, not the executive.
Committees are standing, meaning regularly constituted bodies of the Assembly to deal with certain functions and/or operations of the Assembly. The basics include: Outreach and Mobilization, Media and Communications, Fundraising and Finance, and Security. Working Groups are campaign or project oriented bodies. They emerge and exist to execute a decision of the Assembly to accomplish certain time limited goals and objectives.
All Committees and Working Groups operate on a volunteer principle, and for the most part, Committee and Working Group members participate on a self-selecting basis.
 When and where to meet? For how long?
 How to get/use money?
 How to track membership?
 How to interact with local businesses?
Businesses and other organizations on Empire West can address assembly but cannot vote or put forward agenda items.
 How to spin up our own new businesses?
Municipalize existing ones?
How to turn existing businesses into commons?
 How do people add agenda items?
 How to count votes?
 What to discuss? Work on?
Alleviation of collective problems. Advocacy and support for individual problems particularly any rent/landlord issues.
Pollution and traffic along empire.
Pursuit of greater self-determination for our area.
Negotiations around J’ouvert. Determine the terms of how/when/where.
Collaboration with other assemblies in confederation model for cooperative pursuits.
Possibly growth of power through obtaining local community board, city council and assembly seats on behalf of a larger neighborhood confederation that would entrust a delegate. While still maintaining ANEW as first and most important seat of decision making.
 Growth is not a goal. Greater participation is.
Citizen’s Committee Grant
 Municipalism zine
Municipalism kids book
Community wealth – what businesses do we want to attract or start? Food, clothing (second hand), media, entertainment.
Tenant advocacy
Bail out/legal  fund